PREVENT Trump from attacking Iran.

During his presidential campaign and ever since his inauguration, Trump has told malicious lies and expressed hatred toward Iran.  He has been threatening war.


Trump appointed as his National Security Advisor John Bolton, the extremely poorly informed hate-monger who has a very long history of extreme animosity toward Iran.

On April 1, 2018, I posted to this blog an article about Bolton’s horribly cruel and wrong views.  See this blog post:

Here is more information about Bolton’s extreme views:


In April 2018 I compiled this list of four articles about John Bolton:

“John Bolton is a National Security Threat,” by Colin Kahl and Jon Wolfsthal for Foreign Policy:

“If the President Wont Reverse Course on Bolton, Congress Must Step in to Limit Bolton’s Extremist Impact,” press release from J Street:

“John Bolton and Mike Pompeo represent the neocon foreign policy that Donald Trump falsely said he was against,” press release from Vote Vets:

“Donald Trump is assembling a war cabinet,” Statement from Win Without War Director Stephen Miles:


The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists ( issued an article about John Bolton with links to several articles.  It begins with a short paragraph and lists 4 articles under the heading “What you need to know”:

President Donald Trump’s recent appointment of John Bolton as his next National Security Adviser caused a collective outcry among many in the nuclear nonproliferation community. Antagonistic to the Iran nuclear deal and seemingly supportive of military action against North Korea, it was Bolton, as undersecretary of state for arms control during the George W. Bush administration, who was front and center of that administration’s decision to end the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.

What you need to know:

“Three strikes means Bolton should be out” by Alexandra Bell, James McKeon:

“The Bolton threat to the Iran nuclear deal” by Ariane Tabatabai:

“The world according to Bolton” by David Bosco (From 2005; click on the PDF button to read):

“The dangerousness of John Bolton” by Dan Drollette Jr.:


In early January 2019 Trump regime asked Pentagon to plan for military attack on Iran.

See an article about that at this link:


Tell Europe to REJECT Mike Pompeo’s demand that they support Trump’s war against Iran.

Not only did Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton ask the Pentagon for plans to bomb Iran, but in January 2019 Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo just announced that the US will host a summit on the Middle East in Warsaw, Poland on February 13-14, 2019.  Pompeo will use that summit to bully Europe (and others?) into supporting Trump’s upcoming war against Iran.

We need the OPPOSITE!  The rest of the world needs to pressure the United States to reenter the Iran nuclear deal after Trump’s unilateral withdrawal and to lift the devastating sanctions it has imposed on Iran.  CODEPINK urges people to sign their letter asking EU countries to skip Pompeo’s belligerent conference in Warsaw next month and instead convene a gathering on Middle East peace that INCLUDES Iran.  HERE IS THE LINK TO SIGN:

CODEPINK also reports this:  All of the other signatories to the Iran nuclear deal — France, UK, China, Russia, Germany, and Iran — are still abiding by the deal. Only the US has exited. In fact, the European countries are trying to find ways around the US sanctions that affect their companies. It would not make sense for them to join a US-Poland conference aimed at increasing hostility towards Iran. Sign our letter to the EU asking them not to attend this summit but to create an alternative one with all the Middle Eastern nations, including Iran.  SEE THE LINK AT THE END OF THE PREVIOUS PARAGRAPH.


In autumn 2018, Pompeo ENDED the Treaty of Amity with Iran. Tell Senators to co-sponsor S. 3517 for PEACE instead of war.



Urge the U.S. Senate to PREVENT a war against Iran.

In autumn 2018, Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico, along with seven other senators, introduced legislation requiring the president to seek congressional approval before declaring war with Iran, as required by the Constitution.  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION, which supports that effort to oppose making war against Iran.  HERE IS THE LINK:


Finally, here is a sure-fire way to PREVENT Trump from attacking Iran:

We could PREVENT Trump from attacking Iran if he were to buy a hotel and golf course there.











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