Presidential candidates MUST pledge “No First Use” of nuclear weapons! But CNN’s debate journalist BIASED his question about this.

Most Americans want a “No First Use” protection against starting a nuclear war.  But during an early August 2019 presidential debate, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked about it in an extremely biased and deceptive way by referring to “No First Use” as “tying the President’s hands.”

Actually, “No First Use” is REQUIRED BY THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, which explicitly says ONLY CONGRESS has the authority to declare war.  However, since 1945 a de facto loophole has existed in which a president has grabbed the power to start the biggest war of all — a NUCLEAR WAR — without getting Congress to declare the war.

Many peace organizations, including Win Without War ( have called for people to pressure 2020’s presidential candidates to pledge “No First Use,” and to urge Congress to pass legislation to prevent the first use of nuclear weapons, and to write letters to editors and take other local actions.

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