Pelosi GIVES TRUMP A FREE RIDE on everything except Ukraine. Urge her to investigate MANY, MANY impeachable offenses!!!

For 2 1/2 years Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House, has refused to impeach Trump, despite his MANY, MANY violations of the Constitution and MANY, MANY violations of federal law.

Her negligence has enabled and emboldened Trump to do worse and worse things that seriously hurt human beings, the environment, our nation, and Planet Earth.  Pelosi kept refusing to hold Trump accountable in the way that the Constitution specifies when a President becomes a tyrant:  IMPEACHMENT.

Finally, now Pelosi wants to impeach Trump, but ONLY for his Ukraine scandal.  PELOSI IS STILL GIVING TRUMP A FREE RIDE FOR ALL OF HIS MANY, MANY OTHER IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES.

Two articles urge investigations and articles of impeachment for MANY, MANY crimes and violations of the Constitution:


One sentence in this second article says, “For House Democrats to wait this long and then impeach a reckless, lawless, racist, tax-dodging president only over his interactions with the president of Ukraine would be to effectively give Trump a clean bill of health on everything else.”

When mainstream Democrats put all their eggs into the “Russiagate” basket, they ignored the many more serious reasons for impeaching Trump. Now the Dems are focusing on “Ukrainegate” and again failing to sufficiently expose and push hard on Trump’s many more serious impeachable offenses.

I URGE EVERYONE TO URGE CONGRESS — especially your own House member and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — to INVESTIGATE AND SUPPORT ARTICLES OF IMPEACHMENT ON MANY, MANY of Trump’s crimes and violations of the Constitution, not only the Ukraine scandal.

PLEASE leave a message on Nancy Pelosi’s office phone, (202) 225-4965

If you live in Denny Heck’s congressional district (WA 10th), PLEASE urge him to do that too:  (202) 225-9740 in Washington DC or (360) 459-8514 in Lacey WA.