Olympia’s people want to CUT the Pentagon budget and INCREASE funding to serve human and environmental needs!

Twice in late summer 2019 the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons organized and staffed information tables at public events. Six jars were labeled with different possible uses for our federal budget. We handed each visitor a stack of ten pennies and invited them to put the pennies into the various jars to show how the visitor would choose to spend the federal budget. The results (listed below) were similar for both events, except “Environment and climate” and “Health care” exchanged places for 1st and 2nd priorities. Military has rated lowest priority every time I have conducted this game over the decades.

During Olympia’s Harbor Days (Fri. Aug. 30 to Sun. Sept. 1) people deposited the following numbers of pennies in the six jars:

421 Environment and climate

347 Health care

329 End poverty

289 Education and young people

93 Other governmental functions

86 Military and wars

During Olympia’s International Peace Day event (Sat. Sept. 21) people deposited the following numbers of pennies in the six jars:

158 Health care

144 Environment and climate

122 End poverty

100 Education and young people

30 Other governmental functions

15 Military and wars

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