Nuclear weapons in Turkey are a stupid idea: Remove the U.S.’s nukes. Don’t let Erdogan build his own.

Many, many different factions are fighting each other in Syria.  The U.S. is funding several of the factions that are fighting each other.  The U.S. should not participate in the complex civil war.  But Trump made a serious mistake by moving U.S. military troops from one area where they were fighting with the Kurds against a common enemy, so they could fight in a different part of Syria in order to protect somebody’s oil.

Trump keeps screwing the U.S.’s allies and helping brutal autocrats.  Trump’s Syria decisions helped Russia’s Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan.

For many decades the U.S. has stationed nuclear weapons in Turkey.  In fact, that’s what prompted the Soviet Union to locate some of their nuclear weapons in Cuba.  The U.S.’s nuclear weapons in Turkey were very close to the USSR’s border, so they were very provocative.  This provoked the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.


Trump’s policies about Syria and Turkey made the U.S.’s nuclear weapons in Turkey a hot issue again.  Those 50 U.S. nuclear weapons stored in Turkey are not needed.  See this article:


Turkey’s Erdogan is a brutal authoritarian. This article discusses whether the U.S. should remove our 50 nuclear weapons from Turkey:


Now Turkey’s abusive, authoritarian leader says he wants his own nuclear weapons.
Trump’s pullout of U.S. troops from Syria opened the way for Turkey and Russia to gain ground there.
Trump has done much for Turkey, where he has a Trump Tower in Istanbul.

By the way, Turkey is a NATO member.

Also, Turkey signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in 1969 and its commitment went into force in 1980.
Getting nuclear weapons would violate the NPT.

See this article: