Nuclear Weapons: History, Science and the Public: TV program and more information

The April 2021 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series helps you understand how nuclear weapons came into existence – and the science behind them – and the public’s reactions to learning about the hard realities.

From ancient times, people have wondered how the natural world works.  People have also wondered how they could use the power of the natural world to kill their enemies.  Modern science and engineering allowed people to increase their knowledge – and increase their ability to kill.

Since the 1940s nuclear weapons have been part of our reality.  Most people try to avoid thinking about nuclear weapons because they are a hard, scary issue.  When they learn much about nuclear weapons, they are terrified.

But some people are working actively to abolish nuclear weapons.  Glen’s guest for this month’s TV program — Jim Manista — is one of these supporters of peace.  Both of us are active members of the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

Jim helped us explore how people throughout history have been figuring out how the natural works – and recently how to develop nuclear weapons. Jim researched and produced a fascinating and informative audio-visual experience that is the main focus of this TV program.  This provides easy-to-understand information for people who are new to the issue – and provides fresh insights for people who are already well informed.

Thurston County’s people with cable TV can watch it 12 times throughout the month on channel 22 (every Monday at 1:30 pm, every Wednesday at 5:00 pm, and every Thursday at 9:00 pm).

To watch the interview video at any time through this blog, CLICK THIS LINK.

Glen typed up a document about this month’s program, including what Jim and Glen said and a link to watch the video. To read it, CLICK THIS LINK: Sign up now for FREE informative, fascinating 4-session course on nuclear weapons – Glen’s Parallax Perspectives

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