NPR supports Trump’s attack on Syria — interviews Pentagon’s big-wigs but NO peace supporters

On Friday April 13, 2018, Trump attacked Syria.  National Public Radio provided special radio coverage for a long period of time.  I listened to it and found it ENTIRELY ONE-SIDED with NO meaningful challenge to its wisdom and NO interviews with any peace supporters or anyone who would provide context.  NPR played Trump’s announcement and interviewed military generals and other Pentagon big-wigs and other hawks.

Other sides do exist.

See the info I quickly compiled here, based on appeals from the past few days seeking PEACE and urging Congress to take responsibility (as the U.S. Constitution requires) rather than letting Trump make war on his own reckless authority.  See this information from me Friday early evening:

Trump chastised Syria’s leader for killing civilians and using “weapons of mass destruction” but nobody questioned Trump or the Pentagon about the U.S.’s long track record of committing both sins, nor about Trump’s vigorous support for nuclear weapons and using nuclear weapons to kill millions of civilians in North Korea and elsewhere.

Friday’s “Democracy Now!” TV/radio broadcast offered a different view. Watch/hear/read at this link:

Although Trump pretends to care about Syria’s innocent civilians, the U.S. war there has been killing people and disrupting their nation. The U.S. has caused many, many civilians to become refugees, but in the past 3 ½ months (since the beginning of 2018), the U.S. has allowed only 11 Syrian refugees to enter the U.S., according to Oxfam (

Congress has utterly failed to assert its constitutional responsibility to be the only body that can declare war (not the president on his own authority!). They keep letting U.S. presidents get away with unilateral foreign policy violence. Sign this current petition to Congress:

Sign this appeal to Congress with an appeal similar to the one above. This one also includes information from the Quaker-based Friends Committee on National Legislation (

CodePink, the woman-based peace organization (, invites you to sign their similar appeal:

Military “solutions” make problems worse!

See information on my blog, www.parallaxperspectives.org, at several categories listed at the right side of the screen, including “Peace” and “Iran” (because Trump wants his violence against Syria to be a precursor to a war against Iran).


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