Nonviolent National Defense would be BETTER than what the U.S. uses now! Watch Glen Anderson’s informative explanation.

I spoke to a nationwide Zoom audience about how NONVIOLENT NATIONAL DEFENSE is PRACTICAL and would provide BETTER NATIONAL SECURITY than the military and nuclear weapons.  Participants enjoyed good Q&A too.


We taped the program linked below on Wednesday January 11, 2023.

The host did a little editing and posted it in two ways, so you can watch it at your convenience:

The host’s website link is at

The Youtube link is at



What I said in this program is a shortened version of my TV program series episode from May 2022 titled, “Nonviolent National Defense — A Practical Way to Be More Secure.”  You can watch my May 2022 TV program and/or read a thorough summary of what I said on TV last May at this link:  CLICK THIS LINK TO WATCH THE TV PROGRAM, which starts with music and a black screen for about 30 seconds before the visual image appears.  


Also, I wrote an article that provides even more information than the May 2022 TV program – especially more information about examples in many nations where people have used nonviolence to topple dictators, protect themselves from invaders, etc., and includes links to additional information.  I posted that article to my blog, so I encourage you to read it here:  here:  Nonviolent National Defense Would Be Better in Every Way