Nearly all Americans are “deniers” of the nuclear weapons crisis.

Most Americans recognize that the climate crisis is VERY SERIOUS.

We disagree with the “climate deniers” and with the “Coronavirus deniers.”

But another existential crisis is VERY SERIOUS too:  Nuclear weapons can kill us all in just a few minutes.  Trump and both political parties in Congress are recklessly provoking and escalating a new nuclear arms race.  They are weakening the restraints against nuclear war.

Most Americans are “DENIERS” that this crisis is happening.  Their negligence is even more deadly than the “climate deniers” and “Coronavirus deniers.”

Mainstream news media are complicit in horribly failing to publicize the realities.

Decent people must take responsibility to:
  • Inform ourselves
  • Use the information to inform the public
  • Build a strong, strategically smart grassroots movement to abolish nuclear weapons
  • Mobilize grassroots people to push very hard on Congress, the Executive Branch and the news media

Even if a vaccine for Coronavirus comes along, there is no cure for nuclear war — only PREVENTION!

The military-industrial complex — and the politicians whose campaigns they lavishly fund — are escalating the nuclear arms race and OBSTRUCTING EFFORTS FOR PEACE.

Ordinary grassroots people must inform ourselves and take bold nonviolent actions to ABOLISH NUCLEAR WEAPONS — and to CREATE PEACE.

See other information at this blog’s “Nuclear Weapons” category, and connect with organizations such as the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons by contacting me at (360) 491-9093 or  I can refer you to additional organizations and info resources.







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