My 6 FREE online workshops in July-August will strengthen your skills and strategies to abolish the death penalty

I appreciate the efforts of people throughout the U.S. who are working to abolish the death penalty in their states.  I’m on several states’ e-mail lists, and I act upon the action alerts they send me.

I can help you in a special significant way!  I’m inviting you to participate in my series of 6 FREE Zoom workshops to strengthen your skills and strategies for building a big, savvy movement to abolish the death penalty.  They will occur on 6 consecutive Wednesdays from July 12 to August 16.

This Word document —  Glen’s 6 Workshops Cover These Topics  — summarizes what each of the 6 workshops covers.  The workshops can help you work on ANY issue you care about.  I am adapting these to pertain ESPECIALLY to strengthening your skills and strategies for building bigger, stronger, savvier grassroots movements to abolish the death penalty.

This .pdf flyer —   ABOLISH DEATH PENALTY — 6 practical workshops– July-August 2023   — explains the workshop series.  To sign up, simply e-mail me and I’ll send you the Zoom link and readings for Workshop #1.  I’m at  You can phone me at 360-491-9093.

I have conducted this workshop series many times over the years – sometimes with a multi-issue range, and sometimes focused on a specific issue (nuclear weapons, climate, reducing gun violence, or other special focus).

Now on 6 consecutive Wednesdays (July 12 to August 16) I’ll focus the series of 6 workshops to help people in many states strengthen skills and strategies to build stronger grassroots movements to abolish the death penalty.  We need to change our culture to oppose the death penalty and help people feel OK about letting it go.  Legislators will be more likely to take wise actions if a strong local grassroots movement pushes them to take the actions we want.

Since 1987 I have worked very hard as a volunteer organizing a grassroots movement where I live (near Olympia WA) to abolish the death penalty.  Also, I served 16 years on the steering committee of the statewide abolition organization.

Since the 1960s I have worked very hard as a volunteer in the peace movement and other grassroots movements for other issues.  I am solidly grounded in nonviolence.  I emphasize devising smart strategies for building savvy and effective movements at the grassroots level.

Please share this invitation to people throughout various networks of people who want to abolish the death penalty, including statewide organizations where you live and in other states.

To sign up for this FREE online series, simply e-mail me at  If you want to discuss anything, I’m at (360) 491-9093.  I get a lot of commercial advertising calls, so please wait for my answering machine’s message to finish repelling them.  Then we can talk.

I look forward to helping you make history by abolishing the death penalty!





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Since the late 1960s Glen Anderson has devoted his life to working as a volunteer for peace, nonviolence, social justice, and progressive political issues. He has worked through many existing organizations and started several. Over the years he has worked especially for such wide-ranging goals as making peace with Vietnam, eliminating nuclear weapons, converting from a military economy to a peacetime economy, abolishing the death penalty, promoting nonviolence at all levels throughout society, and helping people organize and strategize for grassroots movements to solve many kinds of problems. He writes, speaks, and conducts training workshops on a wide variety of topics. Since 1987 he has produced and hosted a one-hour cable TV interview program on many kinds of issues. Since 2017 he has blogged at He lives in Lacey near Olympia WA. You can reach him at (360) 491-9093