Much smarter, more efficient rail transportation for passengers and freight

Progressives keep talking about “bullet trains” and other very high speed rail projects. There are BETTER REMEDIES than those!

Some Olympia area folks have watched and discussed this short video – – but there are MUCH BETTER ALTERNATIVES than what this short video discusses.

For several years I have been supporting “SOLUTIONARY RAIL” (, which would significantly reduce carbon emissions in transportation, reduce air pollution at transportation hubs, reduce highway/freeway congestion, help transportation workers, and provide other benefits. My December 2017 TV interview focused on that, and my November 2019 TV interview will provide more information about it. Here is a link to the video and a thorough summary of the December 2017 TV interview:

This morning I read a brief but very informative and insightful resource that does an excellent job of explaining why Solutionary Rail is better than the flashier, more expensive, less practical approaches that get the headlines and public attention. We can make significant improvements in transportation more quickly and less expensively than the ultra-high-speed folly that many progressives support and that get the headlines.

Please read this smart resource: It is a real eye-opener!