MUCH INFO documents mainstream media bias for Israel and against Palestinian people

Here are MANY examinations of mainstream media bias for Israel and against Palestinian people.


Posted Jan. 13, 2024:  Media Cover Up Israeli Calls To Drive Palestinians Into Permanent Exile


Posted Jan. 12, 2024:  Israel is targeting journalists in Gaza.  Sign the petition to demand an investigation into the targeted killings of journalists in Gaza NOW!


Posted Jan. 9, 2024:  Coverage of Gaza War in the New York Times and Other Major Newspapers Heavily Favored Israel, Analysis Shows:  A quantitative analysis shows major newspapers skewed their coverage toward Israeli narratives in the first six weeks of the assault on Gaza.


Posted Jan. 10, 2024:  Analysis shows New York Times, other major newspapers heavily biased their coverage towards Israel:  An analysis of over 1,000 articles showed major US newspapers and cable news disproportionately emphasized Israeli deaths in the conflict that has killed 22,000 Palestinians; used emotive language to describe the killings of Israelis, but not Palestinians; and offered lopsided coverage of antisemitic acts in the US, while largely ignoring anti-Muslim racism in the wake of the Hamas terror attacks on October 7. We cannot lose sight of the fact that there are humans suffering greatly on BOTH sides of the conflict, and we deserve to have news coverage that recognizes that — especially since American bombs and taxpayer dollars are helping fuel the fighting.


Posted Dec. 23, 2023:  Exclusive: Israeli Military Censor Bans Reporting on These 8 Subjects:  The highly unusual, English-language order for the Gaza war breaks from the secretive and informal way IDF censorship normally works.


Posted Jan. 5, 2024:  CNN runs Gaza coverage past Jerusalem team operating in shadow of IDF censor:  No matter where they are on the planet, CNN journalists must submit all Israel/Palestine coverage to the company’s bureau in Jerusalem prior to publication, a policy that willfully subjects stories to Israeli law including a requirement that sensitive content reported within its borders go through Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) censors. The policy of requesting government censorship is in stark contrast to other foreign news services, which frequently run sensitive stories through desks outside of Israel to avoid the IDF censor, and it means a good deal of how CNN is covering alleged war crimes by Netanyahu’s regime is being dictated by the underlings of the accused.


Posted Dec. 7, 2023:  The “Hunt for Hamas” Narrative Is Obscuring Israel’s Real Plans for Gaza:  The US press and politicians are trying to fit the attacks on Gaza into a Zero Dark Thirty mold, but it’s something much simpler—and sinister.


Posted Dec. 2, 2023:  How Corporate Media Helped Lay the Groundwork for Israel’s Genocide in Gaza:  Corporate media outlets have treated Palestinian suffering as a nonstory for many decades.


Posted Oct. 14, 2023:  Propaganda Blitz: How Mainstream Media Is Pushing Fake Palestine Stories:


Posted Nov. 23, 2023:  Sunday’s Gaza Guests Linked To Military Industry, Pro-Israel Funding:


Posted Nov. 8, 2023:  US Corporate Media Outlets Allow IDF To Vet ‘All Materials’ From Embedded Reporters In Gaza:  “Israel is killing the journalists that expose their crimes, then bribing the journalists that cover for them,” said one critic.


Posted Oct. 19, 2023:  Europe’s Largest News Aggregator Orders Editors to Play Down Palestinian Deaths :  Upday, an app owned by the German media giant Axel Springer, is instructing journalists to cover the war in Gaza with a pro-Israel bent.


Posted Oct. 30, 2023:  Ralph Nader wrote that the mass media need to probe deeper into the Israel/Gaza conflict.  He said the media need to ask 10 questions.


Published Oct. 18, 2023:  Media’s Selective Moral Outrage Manufactures Consent for Palestinian Genocide:  Western support for Israel is not merely about Israel itself but is also about setting a new international norm.


Published Oct. 19, 2023:  Major European News App Told Its Workers to Suppress Gaza Deaths, Report Finds:  Employees were reportedly told not to publish headlines that could be “misconstrued” as pro-Palestinian.


Posted Oct. 11, 2023:  Twitter’s Monetization For Blue-Check Accounts May Be Fueling Fake News On Israel-Palestine:  Musk has incentivized the spread of fake news with engagement monetization and paid verification, experts warn.


Posted Oct. 12, 2023:  Amy Goodman wrote this:  “As Israel Levels Gaza, the US Media Fuels the Fire”






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