Most Americans want to raise taxes on the very rich people

Although the “conventional wisdom” and both political parties assume that the voters want to cut taxes, MOST AMERICANS WANT TO INCREASE TAXES ON THE RICHEST AMERICANS.
Ordinary people know that our tax system is grossly unjust, that the richest people are ripping us off, and that our nation and our states have huge needs that the “conventional wisdom” says we cannot afford to fund.


Public opinion polls show ORDINARY PEOPLE ARE MUCH MORE PROGRESSIVE THAN THE POLITICIANS!  This means that ORDINARY PEOPLE CAN ORGANIZE FROM THE GRASSROOTS to push for very progressive solutions to our public policy problems.


A 70% marginal tax on the super-rich has gone mainstream.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ calls for a 70% marginal tax rate on the ultra-wealthy earlier this month made a ripple across the mainstream media. And since, polls have shown that American voters overwhelming support her proposal. SEE THIS:


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