More reasons to reject Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court

More and more information is surfacing that needs to be investigated and considered.  Instead, the Republican steamroller is suppressing the truth and keeping the Senate ignorant of Kavanaugh’s troubling record.  Here are a few of many reports I’ve seen lately.

Kavanaugh has lied under oath about abortion, warrantless wiretapping, and torture

Republicans have been covering up Brett Kavanaugh’s record as an employee in George W. Bush’s administration and elsewhere. But even based on the small amount of records that have been released, we know that Kavanaugh lied to Congress – while under oath – in 2004 and 2006.

This article provides information:


People for the American Way ( has raised strong concerns, including those mentioned above, plus others.  See their website for specific information and a petition you can sign.  Another message from this organization reported Kavanaugh’s role as a blatantly partisan Republican hitman:

As a lawyer working on Kenneth Starr’s special counsel investigation into President Bill Clinton, he zealously used the power of the federal government to investigate far-right conspiracy theories in what was a TRUE politically motivated witch hunt.

Part of his job with that investigation was as Starr’s designated leaker — to leak select non-public information (including possibly from a grand jury, according to some allegations) to the press in an effort to create misleading media narratives to smear the Clintons.

He then was a partisan foot soldier in the legal battle over the Florida recount which helped George W. Bush steal the 2000 election.

After that, he served in the Bush White House where his job was to help make the legal case for controversial Bush policies like torture and warrantless spying and to help get Senate confirmation for some of Bush’s most radically right-wing judicial nominees. In that position, recently released records show, he trafficked in documents stolen by a Republican Judiciary Committee staff member from Democrats on the committee.

Most Americans have given up on the notion of the Supreme Court as a body detached from politics, but the nomination of a such a seasoned political operative, Brett Kavanaugh, to our High Court is cause for deep, deep concern — something then American people realize based on polling that shows Kavanaugh is the least popular Supreme Court nominee in modern history.


Kavanaugh’s court decisions favor big business 89% of the time instead of consumers, environment, etc.:

See information in this article:



More problems with Kavanaugh’s lies & problems — and with the corrupt Republicans perverting our democracy:



Republicans rushing to confirm Kavanaugh are suppressing truth steamrolling to crush democracy:

After specifying the abuses by the Republican committee chair, the article at the link below closes with this paragraph:

Democracy is breathing its last gasps in the Senate, thanks to Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley. They’re killing it for unindicted co-conspirator Donald Trump and his get-out-of-jail-free Supreme Court nominee—and every Republican senator is enabling that.



The process for nominating & confirming Kavanaugh is bad and divisive:

The process is blatantly partisan. It is horribly divisive at a time when our nation is already horribly divided.  Robert Reich’s article explains clearly.








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