More oil trains for the U.S. and Canada, but Trump REDUCES SAFETY protections.

Trump repeatedly shows his UTTER CONTEMPT for the environment and for human beings.

Exploding oil trains and public pressure caused Obama to create rules to make oil trains less dangerous.  Now Trump has SCRAPPED those safety rules, sharply increasing the dangers of oil trains to crash and explode.

While more oil is being moved by railroads, the Trump regime is rolling back safety regulations.  Expect more oil train derailments, explosions, and so forth.  See information at this link:

There is NO LEGITIMATE REASON to deliberately make railroad transportation more dangerous.   Oil trains have derailed and exploded.  Our safety requires regulations to reduce those dangers.  But Trump and right-wingers keep opposing “government regulations” as if they were bad.  Our communities and our safety REALLY NEED TO REGULATE DANGEROUS THINGS such as oil trains.

This is yet one more example of the EXTREME CRUELTY and CORRUPTION that Trump and Republicans keep showing.  Decent people must alert the public.  Trump and Republicans are NOT “pro-life.”  They keep showing CONTEMPT FOR LIFE (rolling back safety regulations, taking away people’s health care, etc.).  They are subservient to Big Oil and other big business corporations, even if their behavior kills ordinary people.

Voters hate hypocrisy in politicians.  Voters need to know about this.


SEE THIS LINK FOR A PETITION OPPOSING TRUMP’S ROLL-BACK OF THE SAFETY REGULATIONS.  I signed the petition and hope you will too.  Here is the link: