More news on death penalty — and a PETITION YOU CAN SIGN to abolish it

Despite Faulty Drugs & Racist Implementation, Trump Is Bringing Back the Federal Death Penalty:  The radio broadcast and website “Democracy Now!” reported this news and information on July 29, 2019:



For more information on Attorney General William Barr’s promotion of federal death penalty, see the second news item in this collection of news items.  The death penalty article includes some links for additional information.



California’s vigorous non-profit org working to abolish the death penalty is called Death Penalty Focus (  On July 29, 2019, they reported that even though California’s Governor imposed a moratorium on that state’s executions, Trump’s push for more executions at the federal level means we must continue pushing to abolish the death penalty altogether.  Death Penalty Focus reported that even though 16 years have passed since the previous federal execution in 2003, since then 39 more persons were added to the federal government’s death row — and California added 228 prisoners to death row in San Quentin.  The organization urges Californians to urge their local prosecuting attorneys to choose not to seek death sentences.



Sign a new (late July 2019) petition to tell Congress to ABOLISH the death penalty NATIONWIDE.  I signed it and hope you will too.

After you sign this petition, you might want to see more information about the death penalty on my blog.  The direct link to that part of my blog is



On July 29, 2019, the Catholic Mobilizing Network ( reported this:   “It is widely recognized that capital punishment in the U.S. is imbued with the legacy of slavery. Even our federal death penalty is not a “national” punishment applied equally throughout the country. In reality, just three states – Virginia, Texas, and Missouri – are responsible for nearly half of all current federal death sentences.  The death penalty system that exists today continues to be shaped by race and geography. A map drawn of our country’s former slave states strikes an eerie resemblance to a map of the states that still have the death penalty on their books.”

The organization reported — and provided a visually compelling graph showing — that the U.S. has been TRENDING AWAY from the death penalty for the past 20 years.  See this from the Death Penalty Information Center, the U.S.’s VERY BEST SOURCE OF INFORMATION about the death penalty:





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