This article explains what happened behind the scenes that caused Pelosi and other negligent Democrats to finally agree to start impeaching Trump:


But there is MUCH MORE we need to know about the huge gap between Congress members’ public positions and what they really think — and about the huge gap between Democrats’ partisan political calculations and the hard realities of Trump’s absolutely horrible impeachable offenses!


Nixon won a landslide re-election in Nov. 1972. But less than 2 years later (Aug. 1974) he was forced to resign. When Nixon’s impeachment hearings began to reveal powerful evidence, the public turned against Nixon, and many House and Senate members turned against him too. What forced him to resign was the many Senate Republicans who privately told him that they could no longer support him.

We need to push hard on the Senate – especially Republicans – now. Although polling shows only about 40% of Americans supporting impeachment, the evidence will come out showing Trump is worse and worse. Republican senators will not want to protect Trump when they face re-election.

People in “red” states need to mobilize and pressure their House and Senate members now. Of course, so do people in “blue” and “purple” states.

On Wed. Sept. 25 I was one of thousands of people participating in a nationwide conference call about impeachment. It was organized by Ralph Nader’s organization, Public Citizen (


We need to quickly build a BIG, VIGOROUS, STRATEGICALLY SMART MOVEMENT from the grassroots up to urge the general public and the media and Congress TO IMPEACH TRUMP because of his MANY, MANY IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES (not only the Ukraine scandal).  Trump has been RECKLESSLY VIOLATING THE CONSTITUTION AND THE RULE OF LAW.  Democrats and the media and the public have allowed him to get away with his crimes, so Trump has become emboldened to keep escalating his CRUELTY and his CRIMINALITY.


I urge people to watch my September 2019 TV interview — and/or read the thorough summary of what we said, including the huge list of links to additional sources of information — through my blog link: