More info on COP28’s failures to take strong actions to protect the climate

COP28 results: Good Cop, Bad Cop: Breaking Down the UN’s New Climate Resolution:


Negotiators @COP28 Agree to Historic UAE Consensus With “A Litany of Loopholes”:


Phase Down, Not Phase Out: COP28 Deal on Fossil Fuels Disappoints Activists & Vulnerable States:


Gore: COP28 on “Verge of Complete Failure” as Pact Omits Fossil Fuel Phaseout:  “[T]his obsequious draft reads as if OPEC dictated it word for word,” the former vice president wrote.


“Big Oil Wins Big at COP28 in Dubai” By Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan:


Greenfaith offers its reflections on COP28:


One analyst described COP28 as a huge green mirage:


Climate Activists Outraged as COP28 Draft Text Drops Call for Fossil Fuel Phaseout:


Al Gore: UN Climate Summit “on the Verge of Complete Failure.”  The draft accord “is vague,” another source notes. “Everything is there, but nothing is there.”


“Carbon Colonialism, COOP28 and the Climate Crisis” by Amy Goodman and Denis Moynihan:


Posted Nov. 29, 2023:  At COP28, Four Major Issues May Decide The Planet’s Future:


Posted Dec. 1, 2023:  At COP28, Road To Climate Action Is Paved With Big Oil Loopholes:


The Biden Administration proposed a weak effort to reduce methane leakage instead of vigorously opposing burning oil and gas:  US lays out plan at COP 28 to slash climate ‘super pollutant’ methane from oil and gas (


Posted Dec. 2, 2023:  Fossil Fuel Companies Back Toothless “Decarbonization Charter” at COP28 in Dubai.  320 organizations denounced the plan as corporate greenwashing and called on the COP28 Presidency to abandon it.




















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