Military drone weapons kill and injure many people. Stop drone wars now!

The U.S. has been leading the world in escalating military violence using DRONES as weapons and militarizing space to assign targets for the U.S.’s drones to attack.

The U.S. has TARGETED INDIVIDUALS AND KILLED THEM without ever charging them with crimes, allowing any fair trials or due process.  The U.S. President’s say-so is enough to murder individuals.

The U.S. has been using drones in this way — and also attacking groups of people, civilian buildings, and more — for a number of years.  President Obama radically and recklessly escalated his drone wars beyond what Bush/Cheney had done, and Trump is continuing them.

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW OR UNDERSTAND how serious and how murderous the U.S.’s drone wars are.

Nixon’s perversion of the already-perverse Vietnam war taught the government that the American people do not care how many foreigners our military kills, as long as not too many American troops die.



Military drones are causing horrible deaths and injuries. Drone warfare will likely increase. People who want peace – including people of faith – are organizing to oppose drone wars.

A nationwide conference on drone warfare will occur from Fri. Sept 27 through Sun. Sept. 29, 2019, in Princeton, New Jersey. They especially invite people of faith who want to follow up by organizing against drone wars.  Registration is cheap, and the organizers can provide $400 toward transportation for someone from Washington State. The deadline is this coming Tuesday the 17th. (The Tues. Sept. 3 deadline mentioned in the original e-mail has been extended to Tues. the 17th.)

Visit to find out about this nationwide organizing effort by people of faith — and about the Princeton Conference on Drone Warfare in late September 2019.  See this link:


The U.S.’s drone weapons have killed thousands of people. STOP IT NOW!


The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL,, a Quaker-based lobby for peace and social justice, said this in May 2019:

“The U.S. drone program is a moral disaster. Supposedly cheaper and more accurate than conventional air attacks, drone strikes are in fact rife with errors, with deadly consequences.   (

“From Yemen to Libya to Pakistan, the sky itself has become a source of fear for ordinary people—fear that bears an American insignia.  In the nearly two decades since U.S. drone strikes began, they have become a favorite tool of U.S. military policy. Throughout, the CIA’s drones program has been shrouded in secrecy. We often know very little about when and where missiles are fired in our name.”

FCNL urges us to tell Congress to STOP the CIA’s secretive drone killings:


This article from 2014 alerted us to the “BLOWBACK” that the U.S. drone strikes have been causing.  Do the CIA and the Pentagon actually WANT this “BLOWBACK”?


I have several articles about drones from 2012 and 2013, but very little since then.  The American people — and media and politicians — do not seem to care how many people we kill in other countries, so long as American troops are not among them.  Perhaps I’ll post links to those articles on another date.  The drone wars are continuing, and we must stop them!









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