Many of Trump’s hard-core supporters are like CULT MEMBERS.

This two-part article explores the mindset of a typical hardcore Trump supporter.

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Many people are disgusted with Trump, but we can’t turn our nation around simply by venting our feelings and flailing about. We need smart strategies.

This morning I read a very smart, insightful article that briefly explains 15 reasons why so many people blindly support Trump. The article included some fresh insights. We can use those insights to devise strategies that will be effective in pulling some of his supporters away from him.

This morning I posted to my blog a link to the very smart, insightful article – AND my blog post includes some of my ideas about how to use the information in the article. I hope you will find these useful in organizing efforts to turn our nation around. If you find my blog post interesting and potentially useful, please share it with other people.

See this interesting and useful article that I had posted to my blog a while ago:


Has the Republican Party become a Trump cult? Here are psychological insights: