Let’s build savvy grassroots movements to expand the range of what is “politically feasible.”

Elected officials, newspaper editorial boards, and other official power-holders shy away from making the bold, humane changes for social and economic justice because they say those bold reforms are not “politically feasible.”

Our job is to organize strategically from the grassroots to build movements that expand the range of what is “politically feasible,” so our demands will become obviously necessary instead of dismissed as unrealistic.


Instead of lamenting “ain’t-it-awful,” let’s change the awful realities by organizing strategically savvy grassroots movements!

I encourage you to SIGN UP NOW for the series of 6 weekly workshops starting on YOUR CHOICE of either SUN SEPT 20 (1:30 pm) or MON SEPT 21 (6:30 pm).

Also, I will offer these workshops again during the autumn of 2020 and beyond.  I can custom-tailor them to particular issues if we have a group of people who want to focus especially on their hot issues (e.g., climate, criminal justice, foreign policy, economic justice, or …).

See information here:  http://parallaxperspectives.org/sign-up-now-for-free-online-workshops-on-grassroots-organizing-for-issues-you-care-about




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Since the late 1960s Glen Anderson has devoted his life to working as a volunteer for peace, nonviolence, social justice, and progressive political issues. He has worked through many existing organizations and started several. Over the years he has worked especially for such wide-ranging goals as making peace with Vietnam, eliminating nuclear weapons, converting from a military economy to a peacetime economy, abolishing the death penalty, promoting nonviolence at all levels throughout society, and helping people organize and strategize for grassroots movements to solve many kinds of problems. He writes, speaks, and conducts training workshops on a wide variety of topics. Since 1987 he has produced and hosted a one-hour cable TV interview program on many kinds of issues. Since 2017 he has blogged at https://parallaxperspectives.org He lives in Lacey near Olympia WA. You can reach him at (360) 491-9093 glen@parallaxperspectives.org