Latin American elections: Some GOOD news and some BAD news

Ecuadorians Vote to Reject Oil Drilling in Precious Amazon Region

Ecuador’s voters on Aug 20 2023 voted to make Ecuador the first country to restrict fossil fuel extraction through the citizen referendum process.


Guatemala:  See these five articles:

Anti-Corruption Advocate Bernardo Arévalo Wins Presidency in Guatemala.  “The force of this victory is going to make it clear that there is no place for the attempts to derail the electoral process,” Arévalo said following his win.


Anti-Corruption Advocate Bernardo Arévalo Wins Presidency in Guatemala in August 2023 election.  The question now is whether Arévalo will be permitted to take office in January 2024.


A Turning Point in Guatemalan History: Bernardo Arévalo Wins in Landslide Rejection of Ruling Elite


Anticorruption Crusader Wins in Guatemala, in Rebuke to Establishment:  The landslide victory by the candidate of an upstart party signals an uncertain new chapter in Central America’s largest country


However, the U.S. and Canada OPPOSED the honest candidate and supported Guatemala’s elites instead: 

US, Canada-Backed Guatemalan Elites Threaten Coup Amid Opposition Party Runoff




Trump Admirer Who Believes Climate Crisis Is a ‘Socialist Lie’ Wins Argentina Primary.  Javier Milei has proposed taking a “chainsaw” to public spending and eliminating Argentina’s health, education, and environment ministries.




Chilean Right-Wing Wins Control of Council Tasked With Writing New Constitution:


Chile’s Utopia Has Been Postponed:  (March 2023 article):  Journalist Marc Cooper, Salvador Allende’s former translator, returns to Chile to probe what has and has not changed in 50 years and why its new leftist millennial government is having such a hard time.  How the Big Awakening Became a Hangover Chile’s new constitution failed.  Now its leftist president is trying to reignite hopes for change.


Photos of Chile’s big murals on walls show history:











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