Joe Biden actually is a weak candidate: Little grassroots enthusiasm — too conservative and out-of-date on issues

The institutional Democratic Party’s “corporate” wing (now often called “centrist”) wants to continue serving Big Business and the Military-Industrial Complex.  Bill and Hillary Clinton are prominent, and Obama continued that trend, which actually FAILED TO SUPPORT the working class or progressive issues.  Now — as in 2016 — the real voter enthusiasm is for Bernie Sanders, and for another progressive (on economic issues, but less progressive on peace and some other issues), Elizabeth Warren.

The institutional Democratic Party is searching for a “corporate” Democrat it can support.  Joe Biden has been pushed forward, and a few billionaires are offering to protect their interests from the populists who are supported by working class people and many others across the economic spectrum.

The Party and mainstream (corporate-owned) media keep claiming that Joe Biden is “electable,” but that is NOT TRUE!

Biden’s “AstroTurf” campaign has big money but no real grassroots enthusiasm.  This article explains:

Biden is:
• NOT “electable”

“Centrist” candidates:
• Do NOT inspire people to vote!!!!!!!!!
• SUPPRESS turnout!!!!!!!!!!!
• Would RE-ELECT TRUMP!!!!!!!!

Hillary Clinton was a war-hawk in Obama’s administration.  She pushed to overthrow governments and make several wars.  She had made millions of dollars speaking to Wall Street audiences and actually was very subservient to Big Business.  She and Bill Clinton enthusiastically pushed for NAFTA and she and Obama pushed hard for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which critics denounced as “NAFTA on steroids.”

Trump ran much of his 2016 campaign to Hillary’s LEFT (opposing NAFTA and TPP, questioning the need for NATO, pretending to care about blue-collar workers, etc.).  Now the institutional Democratic Party’s “corporate” wing is trying to make the same mistake it made in 2016.

Powerful Democrats are promoting TERRIBLE candidates, such as Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Harris, and others.  They are FAR TOO CONSERVATIVE on the issues!  They would LOSE TO TRUMP, just like Hillary did.

Joe Biden and the “centrists” would NOT inspire people to vote!
Therefore, nominating Biden or any “centrist” would REDUCE voter turnout!

The only candidate who has strong, enthusiastic grassroots support is the only STRONG PROGRESSIVE, Bernie Sanders.  Elizabeth Warren is progressive on many economic issues, but much less progressive on some other issues (foreign policy, etc.).






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