It is POLITICALLY SAFE to impeach Trump. Most House Dems want to impeach him now.

As of August 26, 2019, a clear majority of House Democrats — 130 — want to impeach Trump.  A majority was reached at the beginning of August 2019.  See this article:



This article from August 13, 2019, says that it is POLITICALLY SAFE to call for impeaching Trump:

This article says House Democrats should not worry about impeaching Trump – and pundits should stop trying to make Democrats worry about taking that action.

The article says worrying about “swing districts” exaggerates the actual Trumpiness of those districts. The 2018 midterm election showed that Democratic voters turned out in larger numbers because they wanted to replace Republicans with Democrats – and because they opposed Trump’s politics and his party. (In contrast, fewer Republicans voted in 2018.)

The article says we need not fear a backlash of “swing voters” if House Democrats impeach Trump. Rather, impeachment could reward Democrats with more votes in 2020. The article says when the impeachment process lays out Trump’s crimes and violations of the Constitution, more Republicans will defect from him.



Things have changed since mid-July when 137 House Democrats joined with Republicans to PREVENT impeachment: