“International Humanitarian Law: Watch interview and/or read information.”

The March 2020 interview on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series — which YOU CAN WATCH THROUGH THIS BLOG POST — will help you understand a topic that very few Americans understand: International Humanitarian Law.  You can also READ A THOROUGH SUMMARY of what we said during the interview.  Those links are below.

Also, the interview will air three times a week throughout March 2020 (Mondays 1:30 pm, Wednesdays 5:00 pm, and Thursdays 9:00 pm) on TCTV cable channel 22 for cable TV subscribers in Thurston County WA.  See www.tcmedia.org for their complete schedules on all channels.

Overwhelmingly, the public wants peace and human rights. But very few people know even a little about International Humanitarian Law. Even people in the movements for peace and human rights know almost nothing about International Humanitarian Law. If the public knew more about it, we could make much more progress toward peace and human rights.

Our guest for this interview – Joanne Dufour – has a long, strong professional background including teaching in schools, volunteering for the Red Cross, and working with the United Nations.

To watch the interview CLICK THIS LINK.

To read the thorough summary of what we said — including visual images and links to more sources of information — READ THIS:  2020.03 International Humanitarian Law — SUMMARY and RESOURCES