Information and Insights about Trump’s New War Against Iran

Trump keeps doing one incredibly cruel and stupid thing after another.

On January 2, 2020, he committed an illegal act of war against Iran.  This will surely backfire against innocent people in several nations, including Iran, Iraq, and American people who are overseas.

I wrote a short (4 ½-page) article with information and insights about the war that Trump is provoking against Iran. I posted it to my blog, so you can read it at this link:  Info and Insights about Trump’s New War Against Iran.

By approximately January 7 or 8 I will also write another document with additional information and links to petitions so you can tell Congress to stop Trump’s reckless new war.  I will post that to my blog too.

For more information before this, see the “Iran” category and the “Peace” category of this blog,