If you think Coronavirus is disruptive and deadly, it is NOTHING compared to nuclear war!

Nuclear weapons are an EXTREMELY SERIOUS problem, but the public and news media pay almost no attention to the danger — which could DESTROY THE WORLD in just a few minutes!
People are paying attention to the Coronavirus pandemic, so let’s pivot from that to consider how disruptive and deadly a nuclear war would be.

The Coronavirus pandemic is seriously disrupting our world. Trump escalated the disruptions and increased the deaths by denying the reality, preventing the government from planning for pandemics, and suppressing the knowledge of scientists and doctors.

A nuclear war would be much more disruptive and cause millions or billions of deaths.

Trump make nuclear war much more likely because Trump has been destroying treaties that were reducing the dangers, such as the 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) and the INF Treaty, which Reagan and Gorbachev had signed in 1987.

Trump and both parties in Congress are funding reckless new nuclear weapons that are designed to be more likely to be used and are provoking an unrestrained nuclear arms race.

Washing our hands and using disinfectants would NOT protect us from nuclear holocaust and radiation. Entire cities would be burned to a crisp – reduced to radioactive ash.
Nuclear war could kick so much ash into the atmosphere that it would blot out the sun and cause “nuclear winter” preventing sunlight from reaching earth for several years, so no plants would grow while we freeze to death.
A nuclear war would be thousands of times worse than Coronavirus!
The world is asking strong actions to stop this pandemic. We must also take strong actions to abolish nuclear weapons!

Inform yourselves. Urge Congress to pass the smart pending legislation (e.g., the Back from the Brink package – www.preventnuclearwar.org).

Contact me for referrals to nationwide and regional organizations working to abolish nuclear weapons.  I’m the main contact person for the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (OCANW).  Contact me at (360) 491-9093 or glenanderson@integra.net. so I can connect you with our meetings and other activities and our many sources of information.  OCANW’s activities include urging local governments in the Thurston County WA area to pass resolutions supporting the Back from the Brink package (see the paragraph above).  Also see the “Nuclear Weapons” category at my blog, www.parallaxperspectives.org





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