If we want “national security,” we must establish “climate security”

FACT SHEET: No National Security without Climate Security

Environmentalists know that EVERYTHING IS INTERCONNECTED.  This is true about public policy issues too. We cannot have “national security” unless we have “climate security,” because climate disruptions makes the U.S. (and the rest of the world) INSECURE and causes global disruptions (environmental catastrophes, massive migrations of climate refugees, etc.) that endanger “national security” and result in escalating military violence.

See the FACT SHEET posted below to understand how the U.S. government’s pitifully small spending to protect the climate compares to its enormously gigantically outrageous spending for the military.

The National Priorities Project (www.nationalpriorities.org) researched and produced the FACT SHEET I’m linking here:

The Institute for Policy Studies (www.ips-dc.org) is an amazingly smart multi-issue organization.  IPS posted it to their website too:  https://ips-dc.org/fact-sheet-no-national-security-without-climate-security/


Politicians (Biden and others) who SAY they care about the climate keep under-funding climate protections while OVER-funding militarism.

The public needs to organize opposition to these suicidal policies.