I warned the Democratic Party in 2016 and now again for 2020.

Throughout 2016 I kept telling the national Democratic Party and its various front groups that Bernie Sanders was the VERY BEST on the issues, and he RESONATED WITH THE PUBLIC’S DEMAND FOR STRONG PROGRESSIVE CHANGES, and he was INSPIRING NEW PEOPLE TO VOTE, so if Bernie Sanders would become the nominee, he would WIN IN A LANDSLIDE, and he would have long coat-tails that would elect Democrats all the way down the ballot, including Congress and state and local offices.

Instead, the national Democratic Party TRAMPLED OVER THE VOTERS’ INTERESTS and crammed Hillary Clinton down our throats, despite the fact that she was one of the most Unpopular politicians in the nation!  Voters were ANGRY and DEMANDED STRONG PROGRESSIVE CHANGES, but Hillary Clinton supported the status quo (domination by Big Business and Dick Cheney’s endless wars).

Trump LIED about everything, but at least he did resonate with the voters’ anger and contempt for the status quo.  Trump ran as an outsider, and he ran to Hillary’s LEFT on some issues, and he even questioned the need for NATO.  Trump was and still is a HORRIBLE FASCIST who must be defeated, but in 2016, although he was a “loose cannon,” millions of people voted for him and hoped for the best, since most Americans KNEW that Hillary Clinton was a tool of Wall Street and the War Machine.

As I said above, for 2016 BERNIE SANDERS would have won in a landslide.  Now for 2020 Bernie is still THE MOST ELECTABLE.  He is excellent on the issues, and he inspires voters — including new people who are not regular voters — to support him.  He would generate ENORMOUS TURNOUT, which the Democratic Party recognizes and keeps saying is absolutely crucial for Democrats to win at federal, state and local levels.

In contrast, if for 2020 the Democratic Party nominates Biden, Buttigieg, or any other “centrist” who is subservient to big business and fails to challenge Dick Cheney’s endless wars and the military industrial complex, people will NOT be inspired to vote, and Trump and Republicans will win again.

  • Bernie Sanders urges Universal Single-Payer health care, and the public agrees that this is the best way.  The “centrists” tell voters that we CANNOT have the high quality health care that we demand.
  • Young adults who are burdened by student debt need to know that Joe Biden pushed hard to PREVENT the big federal law about bankruptcy from allowing bankruptcy to remove student debt.  Biden catered to the banking lobby and knowingly screwed students who were burdened by student debt.
  • Bernie agrees with a majority of voters who want peace, but the “centrists” allow Dick Cheney’s endless wars to persist.
  • BERNIE SUPPORTS THE VOTERS’ INTERESTS, but the “centrists” are campaigning AGAINST the voters!

Young people, minorities, the working class, people who care about the environment and the climate and human rights — ALL OF THESE ARE CRUCIAL CONSTITUENCIES that Bernie Sanders inspires!!!  But Biden, Buttigieg, and the other “centrists” do NOT inspire them.  The “centrists” are NOT “the most electable.”  BERNIE SANDERS REALLY IS THE MOST ELECTABLE!!!!

If the Democratic Party wants to win at federal, state and local levels, they must INSPIRE THESE CONSTITUTIENCES to vote, so they must nominate Bernie Sanders, who would win with long coattails nationwide at federal, state and local levels.




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