How to stay focused on OUR message and not let an opponent create the soundbite that they want


For EVERY issue we work on, we need to COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY with various kinds of audiences.  Sometimes this includes people who disagree with us — and sometimes people who want to attack or derail us.

In order to make progress, we need to stand strong on OUR messages and not letting anyone hijack the conversation or distract the other listeners.  This is true whether we’re talking about Universal Single-Payer health care, changing our economic system, protecting the climate, abolishing nuclear weapons, or any other issue.


Universal Single-Payer health care (“Medicare for All”) would save people a lot of money if we do it right. Elizabeth Warren stayed strongly on that point and refused to let an opponent drag her into a sound-bite about raising taxes. This article cites the back-and-forth in which Elizabeth Warren stayed strong: