How to pay for the Green New Deal

Today I posted information from February 7-8-9, 2019, when the Green New Deal resolutions were introduced in Congress.  Those early posts explained why we need the Green New Deal.  Cautious people (and opponents) will ask how to pay for it.  Actually, progressives were ALREADY proposing ways to pay for it BEFORE the House and Senate resolutions were introduced.

Here are some VERY EARLY articles that make good economic sense:


Ellen Brown (perhaps our nation’s greatest expert on publicly owned banks) urges public banks as a way to fund a Green New Deal.  Her December 2018 article at the following link explains how we could combine two urgently needed remedies (publicly owned banks and a Green New Deal) to solve many problems:


The article linked here (also from December 2018) urges using Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)to fund a Green New Deal:

For more information about Modern Monetary Theory, watch my TV program about MMT and/or read the thorough summary I typed up about what we said during the interview.  The thorough summary also includes links to relevant videos and articles.  Both the video and the thorough summary are at this link:


Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) proposes a wealth tax to help pay for a Green New Deal.  A 70% tax on the super wealthy would raise a lot of funding for a Green New Deal.  See this article from January 2019: