Here is what the Confederate flag, Confederate statues, etc., REALLY mean

For decades it has been VERY COMMON for people to wave the Confederate flag, attach bumper stickers with its image, etc., and to celebrate it as “heritage” but denying what it really means.

Trump has even threatened to veto the entire military budget if it included an amendment to change the names of military bases that have been named after Confederate leaders.

A century and a half ago — in the early 1860s — slavery divided our nation so extremely that the Southern states actually REBELLED against the United States and SECEDED FROM THE UNION and actually DECLARED WAR AGAINST the United States!!!

They adopted the Confederate flag as their BATTLE FLAG.

It was their symbol of TREASON against the U.S. and their WAR to DEFEAT the U.S. — all because they were hell-bent to continue owning slaves.

Trump refuses to express opposition to waving the Confederate flag.  He says it is not about race.  Many other conservatives have been saying that too.

It is NOT a celebration of “heritage,” as some people would make it seem (like when you eat your family’s ethnic food at holidays or retell your family’s favorite stories from years ago).  No, this is about DEMANDING THE CONTINUATION OF SLAVERY — and DECLARING WAR AGAINST THE U.S.A. — and TREASON in order to continue slavery.

The Confederate states declared war against the U.S. and committed TREASON specifically in order to protect slavery.  Their act of war against the U.S. caused more than 600,000 Americans died in the Civil War.  That is nothing to celebrate.  We need to expose Trump and his other Confederate flag-wavers as TRAITORS to the U.S.A.