Here is an EXCELLENT report by WA State Govt about strategies to reduce poverty

Typically, governments fall far short of acknowledging the serious problems — and they also fall short of proposing bold remedies to solve those problems.

HERE IS AN EXCEPTION!  Recently three of Washington State government’s agencies collaborated with many poor people, racial minorities, and supportive organizations to create a Poverty Reduction work group.  They produced a 65-page report with a 10-year plan.  It is surprisingly smart and progressive!

This report provides very good information and urges people to understand historical racism, etc., include the affected people.  We should urge candidates for State Legislature to read this 65-page report carefully and pass legislation that will implement this plan.

This 65-page report is in a 4-megabyte attachment here:  WA Poverty reduction plan — 2020_Jan_21_PRWG_10_year_plan_COORDINATING_DRAFT