Here is a strategically smart way toward abolishing nuclear weapons and converting to a peaceful foreign policy.

Please see the one-page document I wrote at the link below.

Nuclear weapons persist after 70+ years because they are rooted in the same deep-seated problems that plague U.S. foreign policy overall. In order to abolish nuclear weapons, we must see the deeply entrenched problems that have propped up nuclear weapons – and also propped up U.S. foreign policy overall.

For that purpose, I created the attached document that could guide a group discussion (or even individual thoughtfulness) toward devising strategically smart ways to move toward peace.

I’d be happy to facilitate a discussion in order to help the Olympia Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons and/or the statewide coalition Washington Against Nuclear Weapons ( and/or any other group to identify creative strategies (beyond what we’ve been doing) toward making further progress.

SEE THIS DOCUMENT, which I wrote and encourage people to use creatively:

Pillars — HANDOUT for group exercise about NUCLEAR WEAPONS



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