Groups working to reduce gun violence ALWAYS NEGLECT to oppose war and military violence, which set the tone for gun violence within the U.S.

Just now I responded to an e-mail survey sent out by a prominent nationwide non-profit org that works to reduce gun violence throughout the U.S. They asked what their top priority should be. I said they should work to stop all of the U.S.’s war’ and de-militarize our foreign policy.

I told them that the U.S.’s addiction to war and military violence create a culture that assumes shooting people is a good way to solve problems. The U.S.’s persistent militarism sets the tone for gun violence within the U.S.

This really is “the elephant in the room” that the anti-gun groups ALWAYS IGNORE.

If you work with a non-profit org that is working to reduce gun violence, please urge them to see the larger context – the bi-partisan consensus that enthusiastically supports and extravagantly funds military violence and weapons. Just a few days ago the U.S. House of Representatives (with a big Democratic majority) passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) at a humongous record-high level. Electing Democrats will NOT save us as long as our nation is addicted to militarism.

We need to address militarism head-on, stop the U.S.’s addiction to war, and de-militarize our nation’s culture and our foreign policy!