Greenland’s ice sheet is melting faster, but COP 24 failed to support strong urgent actions.

Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at a rapidly increasing rate.  See this article:

And yet the final results from the COP 24 global conference in Poland to implement the Paris climate agreement shows that the nations of the world FAIL TO ADDRESS THE URGENCY of the climate crisis!  See this article:

The article at the link above includes this excerpt:

Advocates for bold, concrete reforms and directives—outlined in the People’s Demands for Climate Justice—said the required sense of urgency for avoiding the climate catastrophe that the world’s top scientists warn could take hold by 2030, was missing from the deal.

The article quotes one expert saying this:

“The weak outcome of this COP runs contrary to stark warnings of the IPCC report and growing demand for action from citizens,” said Wendel Trio, director of Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe. “Governments have again delayed adequate action to avoid catastrophic climate breakdown.”

Clearly, if we are to slow down the rapidly worsening climate disruption and global chaos, ordinary grassroots people must strategize and use a variety of savvy nonviolent methods to address the roots of the crisis.