Good organizations urge Biden to take these good actions promptly

Throughout the past four years Trump has done many, many bad things.  Some of Trump’s damage is irreversible (lives lost by his incompetent mismanagement of the pandemic, ecosystems destroyed and cancers caused by his environmental deregulations, families broken apart by cruelty to immigrants, and much, much more).

But Biden can REVERSE many of Trump’s cruel and corrupt actions — especially those Trump accomplished by executive actions and by “reinterpretations” of federal laws and regulations.

A variety of good organizations are recommending good actions that Biden should take promptly.  Here are just a few.  I might compile more recommendations for Biden in the next few days, as more organizations compile their lists.

Please contact Biden and his Transition Team to add your voice.  This link identifies Biden’s Transition Team co-chairs and advisory council members:



The good news about all of Trump’s Obamacare-sabotaging executive orders is that Biden can undo them:

Trump cut poor people’s benefits without Congress, so Biden could restore them in the same way:


Urge Biden to EXCLUDE ALL corporate lobbyists, lawyers and executives from top positions in his administration:

No corporate lobbyists, lawyers, or executives in top administration positions.

Here is a creative, strategically smart way for Biden to force McConnell to properly consider Biden’s cabinet nominees.  I would have chosen truly progressive nominees for some of these “Acting” positions, but the idea is smart:


End Trump’s Muslim Ban on “Day One” of Biden’s presidency:


Protect the environment and “national monuments” in a number of locations:


Strengthen scientific integrity at federal agencies for 2021 and beyond:


Biden MUST propose TRULY PROGRESSIVE legislation and nominees, but McConnell will HORRIBLY OBSTRUCT Biden, so Biden will have to FIGHT VERY HARD against McConnell: