Fresh, smart insights into grassroots organizing — and some related information

Lawsuits Have Become the Weapon of Choice Against Activists:  Legal intimidation suits known as “SLAPPs” are becoming the norm for private corporations and governments trying to silence those who speak out on matters of public interest:


Lessons from Gramsci for social movements today:  The savvy brothers Mark Engler and Paul Engler posted this on August 1, 2023.  They say from Gramsci’s political thinking and practical strategizing come a set of ideas that arguably have only grown more salient with time:


“Death Anxiety and Social Change” — This 5-page resource from the Ernest Becker Foundation provides smart, fresh insights to help us work effectively to change society in good ways:


I want to speak to audiences (in person or on Zoom) to help people strengthen their insights, skills and strategies for building grassroots movements for issues the people are working on.  In about 30 minutes I can present on topics such as:

  1. It is not enough to lobby elected officials.  We need to build a big grassroots movement to make elected officials do what we want.
  2. How do we build strong grassroots movements (about peace, social justice, economics, environment, etc.) to achieve our goals?
  3. Our strategies need to reverse some common assumptions about power.
  4. We need to win a majority of the public to agree with us.
  5. How do we bring different kinds of people into our grassroots movement?
  6. Let’s ground our outreach to the public in positive, friendly ways.
  7. We need to change our national culture to strongly value the consciousness that we are promoting.  We need to make our values dominant and permanent throughout our culture.

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Since the late 1960s Glen Anderson has devoted his life to working as a volunteer for peace, nonviolence, social justice, and progressive political issues. He has worked through many existing organizations and started several. Over the years he has worked especially for such wide-ranging goals as making peace with Vietnam, eliminating nuclear weapons, converting from a military economy to a peacetime economy, abolishing the death penalty, promoting nonviolence at all levels throughout society, and helping people organize and strategize for grassroots movements to solve many kinds of problems. He writes, speaks, and conducts training workshops on a wide variety of topics. Since 1987 he has produced and hosted a one-hour cable TV interview program on many kinds of issues. Since 2017 he has blogged at He lives in Lacey near Olympia WA. You can reach him at (360) 491-9093