FREE, ONLINE: Watch a powerful 1966 British film about nuclear war

In 1966 the BBC produced a powerful film, “The War Game,” about what would happen if a nuclear war hit Britain.  It was so powerful that the BBC was afraid to show it on TV until several decades later.

“The War Game” simulates a documentary about people experiencing a nuclear war and the realities that occurred afterward.  The film was so strong in 1966 that BBC did not air it when it was scheduled.  Later it was shown at film festivals – and ultimately on British TV on July 31, 1985, a week before the 40th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing.

This film runs a little over an hour.  Watch it for FREE at this link:  The War Game (1965)

See more information about this powerful film at this link:

The Olympia WA Coalition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons encouraged people to watch it, and we had a group discussion through Zoom video afterward.