Four members of E.U. Parliament were arrested protesting U.S. nuclear weapons in Belgium.

The U.S.’s nuclear weapons stationed in Europe do NOT protect Europe.  They ENDANGER Europe.

The article in this blog post is largely based on information from the Spring 2019 issue of NukeWatch Quarterly (ISSN 1942-6305) published by th Progressive Foundation, 740A Round Lake Road, Luck Wisconsin 54853.  Subscribe at

This article reports, “The U.S. is the ONLY government in the world that places its nuclear weapons in other countries.”  It says the U.S.’s nuclear weapons are based in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and Italy.  The U.S.’s nuclear weapons in Turkey might have been removed recently.  Britain, Greece and Canada no longer host the U.S.’s nuclear weapons.

Three European Parliament members — all women, and all Green Party members — scaled a 7-foot fence and walked directly onto the runway used by F-16 fighter jets that are able to carry the nuclear weapons stored at the air based at Kleine Brogel, Belgium, on February 20, 2019.

One of the women (a 55-year-old Green Party Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from England) stated, “I have been arrested for breaking into a Belgian military airbase to protest against the stockpiling of American nuclear bombs.”  The nonviolent protest was designed “to challenge EU countries to remove US nuclear weapons from Europe.”  The other two women are from France and Luxembourg, and all are members of the Green Party.

A fourth MEP (a Green Party man from Austria) was arrested at the related protest outside of the airbase.

They issued three demands:
  1. Withdraw U.S. nuclear bombs scheduled in Europe.
  2. Ratify the Treaty of Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons by all European Union Member States.
  3.  Create a nuclear weapon-free zone for Europe.














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