Fascinating info: How UW research convinced our state’s highest court to toss out the death penalty

Some of my previous posts to my blog have provided information about the Washington State Supreme Court’s UNANIMOUS decision in October 2018 that the death penalty is UNCONSTITUTIONAL because of its long pattern of racial bias.
I followed this case after having heard the main defense lawyer speak to an audience in Tacoma in May 2016. We expected a decision that autumn, but the prosecution delayed the case by getting their own “expert witness.” In the end, the U.W. professors’ research convinced the Washington State Supreme Court to rule our state’s death penalty unconstitutional based on their research proving a long pattern of racial bias in jury sentencing.
This article — https://magazine.washington.edu/feature/death-penalty-washington-state/?fbclid=IwAR0C73JtbRpfMpzKe2C9z9uUQU289CWdS3FavIgRmY1bnVPobf625IubBOktakes you step by step through the fascinating process.
This is yet another example of using smart research and smart statistical analysis to uncover truth that other people have missed. We can indeed change the world if we are savvy and persistent and practice good scientific research methods.
I encourage people to read this article!




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