Experts say evidence proves the U.S. is a dying democracy. “Regime change” here?

Experts now rank the U.S. among the world’s DECLINING DEMOCRACIES.  This article provides information:


Here is another article about this, drawing from the same original information:


A former intelligence officer says we’re in serious danger of losing American constitutional republic forever.  Putin manipulated the US’s 2016 election.  Trump is Putin’s tool.  This is very scary!  Many Americans are tired of hearing about Russia, but this is the real story.  Read the article at this link:


A constitutional law professor wrote this strong article about the constitutional crisis Trump has been causing.  Read the article at this link:


The U.S. is ALREADY in a constitutional crisis.  Read the article at this link:


The U.S. often overthrows other nations on the grounds that human rights abuses in those countries prove that those governments can’t govern themselves justly, so the U.S. claims the unilateral right to go there and overthrow them.  Look at the grossly dysfunctional and extremely corrupt U.S. government, which commits election-related crimes, allows its police forces to kill many innocent unarmed persons, lets powerful corporations eliminate regulations that protect our people from dangerous chemicals, etc., etc., etc.

Based on the U.S.’s repeated examples elsewhere, isn’t this enough proof to justify some other nation from overthrowing the U.S. government?  I’m not advocating that, but I am saying the U.S. sets a bad example and is so guilty of hypocrisy that a foreign government that respects human rights might feel justified in doing here what the U.S. keeps doing to other nations.

The U.S. keeps promoting “regime change” in other nations and launches aggressive war and sleazy covert activities to overthrow other nations’ governments.  Why don’t Americans promote nonviolent “regime change” for the U.S.?  Not merely voting, but smart, grassroots efforts for nonviolent “regime change”?