Divest from fossil fuels! Let’s organize a strategically savvy grassroots movement!

Let’s organize a savvy grassroots movement to divest from fossil fuels and protect the climate!


Divesting from fossil fuels is a powerful strategy for protecting the climate.

More and more governments, pension funds, colleges, religious organizations, investment funds, and so forth are selling their fossil fuel investments.

We can significantly strengthen this positive trend by organizing a bigger, more strategically savvy grassroots movement.  Let’s educate the public and various public and private entities.  Let’s build a grassroots movement to convince them to sell their fossil fuel investments.

I’m offering a series of 6 FREE online workshops providing practical ways to strategize and reach out effectively to various constituencies so we can build a strong, grassroots movement for divestment.

Here is a summary of what each of the 6 workshops covers:  Glen’s 6 Workshops Cover These Topics

The workshops will help you make better progress on other issues you care about too.

Each 2-hour session includes discussion.

I have conducted these many times for people who want to make progress on other issues.  Participants find them enjoyable, informative, and practical.

Sign up now!  E-mail me at glenanderson@integra.net.  Questions?  Phone me at (360) 491-9093.

Each week I’ll e-mail you the Zoom link and practical handouts for each session.