Despite praise for the late George H.W. Bush, he did MANY BAD things.

When the older Bush (George H.W.) died recently, many people were praising him for all sorts of things.

Actually, he did MANY BAD things, including using the racist Willie Horton ad during his presidential campaign and starting unnecessary wars and making a lot of money through his business selling military weapons, and on and on.

Here are three articles that were excluded from mainstream news media:


His “war for oil” in Iraq — the FIRST Gulf War — was totally unnecessary and extremely cruel.  See this:


He really was a WAR CRIMINAL.  See this:


Also, he was an ENEMY OF THE WORKING CLASS.  See this:


When he stationed U.S. military troops in Saudi Arabia — Muslims’ Holy Land — he antagonized many Muslims.  Osama bin Laden later cited that as one reason why wanted to retaliate against the U.S.  So you can thank George H.W. Bush for laying the groundwork for the 9-11 attacks.