Debunk the hype about nuclear fusion energy

In December 2022, a lot of publicity was praising nuclear fusion as a smart new source of clean, limitless energy.  That publicity exaggerated the supposed benefits and failed to mention the shortcomings.

These articles from December 2022 provide more sensible information:

This article from January 2022 also provides caution about fusion:


This article exposes the dangers of fusion in relation to nuclear weapons:

The “fusion” energy supporters’ vigorous media “hype” about a recent accomplishment seems designed to create support for the extremely high funding needed.  Also, the extremely huge amount of high-tech equipment is horribly expensive and would consume huge amounts of materials and energy to build.  Other practical problems exist too.

Also, the much-publicized “fusion” energy accomplishment might actually allow nuclear weapons escalation, as this article mentions at about half way through the article.  See this from a very reliable source:





















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