De-Polarizing American Society – MORE RESOURCES

My November 2020 TV program (“How to De-Polarize American Society”) explored how to heal the extremely serious divisiveness that has been escalating throughout American society.  You can watch the video interview and/or read the thorough summary I typed up at the “TV Programs” and “Nonviolence” parts of this blog.

The thorough summary ends with some resources that could help us de-polarize American Society.  I am providing many more resources below — and also the blog post about QUOTATIONS regarding de-polarization.  See that on this blog’s “TV Programs” and “Nonviolence” parts.

Also see EVEN MORE resources at this link:  2020.11 De-Polarization — MORE RESOURCES


Compassionate Communication – article by Marshall Rosenberg

Nonviolent Communication — Glen wrote this short summary.

Empathic Listening


Resources for Organizing Nonviolent Grassroots Movements

Here is an inspiring example of how a progressive Democratic campaign rally used nonviolence and good communication skills to soften the hearts of Trump supporters who invaded it:


This article discusses how to face right-wing violence while defending the November 2020 election.  It is a conversation with George Lakey, one of the world’s top organizers, writers and trainers about powerfully effective nonviolent organizing.  In autumn 2020, Americans were preparing to stop a coup against a free, fair election.  People were concerned about safety.  Longtime trainer George Lakey offers lessons on overcoming fear and minimizing violence.  See this:


Could serious “truth and reconciliation commissions” help our nation heal its political divisions?  National Public Radio produced this 14-minute program about the potential:

“Truth and reconciliation commissions” have been used very successfully in a few times and places, such as the one that South Africa conducted to help it move beyond the Apartheid era, and the one Canada did over the course of three years to help it make significant progress toward justice for its First Nations.  Some other nations have done them too superficially to be useful.  If we do them in the U.S. for any of our very serious conflicts (e.g., racial injustices), let’s be sure to do them seriously, honestly, respectfully, and thoroughly.


The Compassionate Listening Project ( will conduct training on “Healing Our World from the Inside out” from November 9 to December 14, 2020.  See information and sign up now:


Some local communities benefit from having local non-profit organizations that help people resolve conflicts. The Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County (WA) is an excellent resource at  (360) 956-1155.  Glen’s December 2013 TV program focused on the DRC’s work and methodology.  Here is a short summary and a link to watching that TV interview:  More information is at Program Description — December 2013











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