De-militarize the federal budget!! Once again a huge portion of the Pentagon can’t complete an independent audit.

Decent people must DEMAND that Congress stop throwing more and more money into the Pentagon!

The U.S. has many problems that need federal funding, but the Congress prevents solving those problems because Congress siphons off enormous amounts of our tax dollars and gives them to the Pentagon, which CANNOT COMPLETE AN INDEPENDENT AUDIT.

The U.S. keeps escalating its unwinnable wars, but – instead of holding the Pentagon accountable for its failures – Congress rewards it with more money.

Actually, the Pentagon does NOT want to win those wars, because then its budget – and its political power – would be decreased. The strategy of the Pentagon (and the political hawks that enable it, and the giant corporations that make military weapons) is to START MANY WARS that CANNOT BE WON and to keep demanding more and more of our tax dollars. That escalating gravy train INCREASES THE PENTAGON’S BUDGETS AND ITS POLITICAL POWER OVER OUR NATION.

Ordinary people must expose this fraud and demand a halt!!!

Let’s mobilize ordinary people who want to solve homelessness and environmental problems, who want to protect public health and the climate, who recognize the need for Universal Single-Payer health care, and so forth.

A budget is a numerical way of expressing our values.  The military-heavy federal budget declares that the American people want GLOBAL VIOLENCE.  I believe we are better than that.




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