Congress still wants to oppress women along with men in the military draft

See the article that BEGINS ON PAGE 6 and CONTINUES ON PAGE 4 of this publication:

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It’s published by the Center on Conscience and War.  I’ve been reading their materials and providing financial support since 1972 — more than half a century now.


A few years ago women were authorized to perform the same kinds of combat duties in war zones along with men, so a men’s organization sued the federal government and argued that the male-only military draft discriminated against men.  The federal court agreed.  Now Congress has been trying for several years to MAKE WOMEN REGISTER FOR THE MILITARY DRAFT just like men do.  These pieces of legislation have passed through the Armed Services Committees of both the House and the Senate, but they have not prevailed on “the floor” of either legislative body.

People who support peace and human rights insist that NOBODY should be FORCED into “involuntary servitude” of the military draft.  We should abolish the military draft agency (“Selective Service System”) altogether.

The article at PAGE 6 (continuing onto PAGE 4) of this publication explains what’s happening:

Click to access ccw-newsletter-Winter-2022-2023-web-opt.pdf