Conflict resolution: Here is an inspiring example of countering right-wing hatred — and two more resources

Progressives rooted in nonviolence softened the hearts of Trump supporters who invaded their campaign rally:

Nowadays our society is so polarized — and right-wingers are trying so hard to intimidate other people — that we need to share the positive examples of conflict resolution that have been occurring.  HERE IS A GREAT EXAMPLE of how a progressive Democratic campaign rally softened the hearts of Trump supporters who invaded it:


How to face right-wing violence while defending the election — a conversation with George Lakey:

As Americans prepare to stop a coup, concerns for safety are rising. Longtime trainer George Lakey offers lessons on overcoming fear and minimizing violence.


Here is a proven formula for protecting the vote while keeping the peace

To prevent a stolen election we must win decisively at the polls and use disciplined nonviolent mass action to defend the legitimate results.  Maria Stephan wrote this.  She and Erica Chenoweth co-authored Why Civil Resistance Works, a book that PROVES that efforts that are entirely nonviolent are more likely to succeed against oppressive forces than efforts that include some violence.  See this: