Coming events: Late March 2021

Sunday March 21, 2021 from 1:00 to 8:00 Pacific Time: THE COLD WAR TRUTH COMMISSION: A Day of Education, Testimonials, and Action

Come Spend The Day While We Put: “THE COLD WAR ON TRIAL” 

Check out the schedule here

The List of Speakers Include: Medea Benjamin, Daniel Ellsberg, Kathy Kelly, S. Brian Willson, David Swanson, Norman Solomon, Peter Phillips, Jeff Cohen, Ann Wright, Peter Kuznick, Roy Bourgeois, Bruce Gagnon, Joel Andreas, Gerald Horne, Matthew Hoh, David Vine, Mickey Huff, Eric Mann, Jodie Evans, Gerry Condon, Carl Boggs, Jim Lafferty, John Parker , Marcy Winograd, Jeremy Kuzmarov, Alice Slater, Michael Novick, Carley Towne, Ed Rampell & Others.

This online event is FREE! Register here!

Monday March 22, 5:00 pm Pacific Time: Budget 101

As the budget season heats up, Beyond the Bomb is working with Foreign Policy for America to put on an activist-catered webinar breaking down the budget process and giving people a way to plug in to move the nuclear weapons money! If you are interested in educating your members more about the NDAA and U.S. federal budget process overall we would welcome you/them joining us! RSVP link here.

THURS MARCH 25, 6:30 pm: Meet on Zoom to explore What’s Next for Ranked-Choice Voting in Washington

Ranked-choice voting is on the move in Washington State.   Join us at “Spring for Ranked-Choice Voting” on March 25th to meet fellow supporters and learn what’s next for the ranked-choice voting movement in Washington. You’ll hear exciting updates from advocates and get to meet other volunteers who are doing great work in their local communities.

On Zoom—register here